Nerea Garmendia


I have always known that I wanted to be an actress, but it wasn?t until I turned 16 that I decided to seriously do something about it.

In 1998, I had my first successful audition and got a gig co-presenting the show "EASY PEASY" (ETB), but my first big challenge came in 1999 when I presented the daily live show "KTM!"(ETB), while attending, simultaneously, my first acting classes at the IVM School, in San Sebastian. In 2000 came my first series in ETB, called "HASIBERRIAK". ?It was then that I decided to broaden my studies and came to Madrid to attend Alicia Hermida?s LA BARRACA and Cristina Rota?s NEW CREATORS School, where I had my baptism of fire in the theatre with "EL TOMATAZO".

I was Sara Montiel?s assistant in the MTV international campaign for the 2002 European Music Awards.

In 2003 came "VAYA SEMANITA"(ETB), the show that not only became a milestone of regional TV but also brought me recognition for my work, both locally and nation-wide.?

That show was so successful that TVE1 decided to release it nationally as "MADE IN CHINA", and I worked on it both as an actress and a TV reporter. It was also in 2003 when I took part on the show "FUENTES & CIA" (TELE5).

"LOS HOMBRES DE PACO" (ANTENA3), in 2006, was my springboard to dive into the arena of nationally broadcasted fiction with the character of Ruth, the police station psychologist, which I played for three seasons.

2006 was also the year when I took to the stage of the PRÍNCIPE GRAN VIA theatre to join Nancho Novo in the production "NUNCA ES FÁCIL".

In 2007-2008 I travelled to L.A., where I studied acting with Risa Bramon and Voice & Singing with Sam Mc Elroy. I also had the opportunity of participating in two feature films: "FEAR" and "WELCOME PAPA" (USA ? Armenia coproduction).?

When I returned to Spain I worked on different projects for TV, like: "QUÉ VIDA MÁS TRISTE"(LA SEXTA), "MAITENA"(LA SEXTA), "HAY ALGUIEN AHÍ"(CUATRO) or a special episode for "AMAR EN TIEMPOS REVUELTOS" (TVE1).?

In 2009, I was chosen to be the corporative image of Antena 3 TELEVISION for their 3.0?campaign.

My next project was "90-60-90" (ANTENA3), where I played a character in a love triangle with Jesus Olmedo and Esmeralda Moya. In 2010 I went to Colombia to record "LA REINA DEL SUR", an international coproduction by ANTENA 3 and TELEMUNDO that was wildly successful in the US, México and South America.

I went back to the theatre with "19:30", a play dealing with political corruption, that we took on a year-long national tour (2010-2011), and which allowed me to share the stage with some extremely talented performers like: Fernando Cayo, Ana Wagener, Roberto Enriquez, Adolfo Fernández, Sonia Almarcha, Antonio Molero??

In 2011 I also worked on the sitcom "LOS QUIÉN" (ANTENA 3).

2012 was the year of trying out for new challenges, like stand-up comedy for "GENTE SERIA" (ETB) or a new concept of theatre: MICROTEATRO, with "NEMESIS", a psychological thriller. All of these new challenges brought along new, positive and extremely rewarding experiences.

?Those two projects were followed by a cameo in "FENÓMENOS" (ANTENA3).?

So far, 2013 is also being a year for new challenges. I was offered a spot on the show "SPLASH - FAMOSOS AL AGUA" (ANTENA 3),?where I placed in the semifinals. The experience was quite challenging and very hard, but also extremely gratifying. And then I stepped out of the springboard to step into the stage once more, this time with a comedy: "TRES" by Juan Carlos Rubio.

I decided to include them all, from the inexperience of the beginnings until today, because I believe that it is the sum of all of them what really brought my career to where it is today and what made me more than ready for what the future may bring.